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Exciting new clinical information just published.  Updated information coming soon to Serenium’s website.
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Serenium overview:
Serenium is delivering a highly clinically accurate, scalable and inexpensive sleep apnea test for children and adults.  We have collected data on over 4,000 patients to develop a unique machine learning application, the Cloud Apnea System.  Serenium’s IP is protected by patents and importantly trade secrets, which reside securely in our cloud application.  Our exceptional team has the leading global physicians in sleep medicine (# 1 and # 4 top physicians).  Serenium will revolutionize the early testing of children and adults around the world.
With our early, rapid, very low cost, clinically-validated and differentiated identification of sleep apnea, we will enable the evaluation of all people (both symptomatic and non-symptomatic) and also contribute to reducing other chronic diseases around the world.  The sensitivity of our solution enables the accurate screening of children, with good performance down to the 1 AHI level, which is uniquely differentiated.
Our scalable solutions will target, evaluate and treat a large portion of the 500,000,000 in just China and the USA, who may have sleep apnea and thereby face a significantly elevated risk for a future filled with chronic diseases.  In the USA about 80% of people with sleep apnea are undiagnosed and in China the undiagnosed rate is closer to 95 %.  Anyone who snores or has daytime sleepiness is at risk for sleep apnea and should be evaluated.
Serenium will provide more information on this NEW clinical information in the near future.